Tis the Season…among other things.

Where has the time gone? Five months ago, I launched my website with every good intention of starting a blog called “All Things Lightheart” shortly after. For many months since then, I’ve made the happy announcement to friends, family, and random strangers that I am “starting” a blog. How long does it take to start? I was reading a popular blog a few days ago, and the author commented on how he started his blog within ten minutes of getting the notion to start a blog. Seriously, are there really people like this in the world?

Today, on my desk, sits a poinsettia that I purchased a few days after Thanksgiving and just before launching my website. The poinsettia is still red and thriving!  I don’t have the heart to throw it out. Usually, by Christmas or New Year’s, poinsettias are faded, tired, and shriveled. For some reason, this poinsettia has refused to give up the spirit. Maybe, it is some strange reminder to me that there is such a thing as a season, and it is possible to be out-of-season. Clearly, this poinsettia didn’t get the memo that Christmas is over! Like the poinsettia, there is a part of me that knows, I’ve been out-of-season, too. I’ve had this blog tumbling over in my heart and mind for a long time. What am I waiting for? I have no answer. I’m like this poinsettia caught somewhere between Christmases. I’m out-of-season, and it feels weird.

So today, ready or not, I’m just starting. This is my time to begin. It’s not a sunny, perfect day to begin. In fact, it’s bucketing rain. It’s the kind of gloomy day that makes me want to snuggle up with a book or a movie. It’s the kind of day that calls for excessive napping and snacking, and wearing “jams or comfortables.” It’s not the kind of day that makes me feel energized or motivated. Quite the contrary.

As the storm was bearing down, I noticed a small, confused squirrel hanging on to the tree in my front yard.  Poor little guy is drenched. I’m thankful to be in my warm, snuggly, dry home. We just had a tornado warning about an hour ago, but thankfully, that has passed. The rain is still bucketing in a strange melodious rhythm. I sigh as I try to find interesting, inspiring words to write. I feel sleepy. This isn’t the most profound way to start, but it is a start. That counts, right?

What about you lightheart? Are you like the poinsettia sitting on my desk? Out-of-season, somewhere in between and feeling strange? Is there something you’ve been meaning to start? You know it’s time. Just begin. Take a small step today. Stop over-thinking it. Just begin. Stop waiting for the perfect day. Just begin. Stop trying to be clever, interesting, or impressive. Just begin. Stop waiting for inspiration to suddenly overtake you. Just begin. We need you to be you and do what you do! Just begin. That really is what counts! Yes, it’s true. Tis the Season to Begin!