Every great adventure has a beginning, and Lisa’s publishing adventure begins with her first book I Know Me: Do You Know You?. Though unpublished, this little book changed everything. What started as a personal journal became an unexpected opportunity. For years, the author approached life in a very serious and complicated way. One day, her journey took a lighthearted turn as she began expressing her meditations on life in simple, silly, happy words and pictures. God knew Lisa needed to lighten up, and she needed a friend. It was during this season of reflection that a little character named Lisa Lightheart first came into the author’s life. Lisa Lightheart didn’t have her signature style, a BIG puffy hoop skirt, until later, but she did have her voice! Lisa never imagined she would see the world in cartoons until Lisa Lightheart appeared. She never imagined someone so small could teach her so much about life! While discovering truths about her own life, Lisa was slowly being transformed from a heavy heart into a Lightheart! One day, Lisa was sharing thoughts from her journal with a friend who casually remarked, “That sounds like a book.” Through her own journey, Lisa realized her greater purpose. By creating the encouraging words and images she longed for in her own life and putting them in little books, Lisa could inspire and encourage women to embrace and enjoy their journey!

“Life isn’t one long bridge, but a lifelong journey of crossing bridges.”