In a pickle?…let’s talk about it.

You’ve probably heard the expression “in a pickle.” There are many commentaries regarding its origins, but the basic, commonly accepted meaning is “in a hard or difficult situation, in trouble, or in a quandary.” This week I found myself “in a pickle,” and I was not happy about it. In fact, angry is the better … Read more

Tis the Season…among other things.

Where has the time gone? Five months ago, I launched my website with every good intention of starting a blog called “All Things Lightheart” shortly after. For many months since then, I’ve made the happy announcement to friends, family, and random strangers that I am “starting” a blog. How long does it take to start? … Read more

How did I become a cartoonist?

I wrestle gators in my spare time.

Believe it or not, being a cartoonist never crossed my mind until I was much older. In fact, before I ever thought about being a cartoonist, I had accidentally become one! I loved to draw from a very early age, but by the time I got to college, I had lost most of my artistic … Read more

My Process

Start small cartoon photo

I doodle. I mull. I write. I’ve had a lifelong love of paper. Just ask my mom. Apparently, I left a lot of paper trails when I was a kid. I loved making paper snowflakes and hanging them from the ceiling! Thanks Mom! Give me paper and a pen, and I’m oh-so-happy. Unlike many artists … Read more