All Things Lightheart

Welcome to “All Things Lightheart” where I hope you will find encouragement and inspiration to help you lighten up and live the lightheart life! I’m so happy you are here! I’ve always enjoyed inspiring others with encouraging and uplifting thoughts and ideas, but starting a blog is an entirely new adventure! While I’ve looked forward to this exciting moment, sharing one’s heart with the great big world can also feel a bit strange and uncertain. As I take this giant leap of lightheart faith, I’m expecting the unexpected to show up! And that includes you! Having the opportunity to reach more lighthearts makes my lightheart lighter. Still, I do not claim to be an expert on lightheartedness. I do, however, claim to be an ongoing learner, and I love sharing all the things that help make me a lightheart. You are the reason Lightheart Connection was created! Thanks for stopping by, and please join Lisa Lightheart and her friends on Facebook. Be part of the conversation! We’d love to hear your lightheart thoughts! Let’s build a community of lighthearts and make the journey together!

Keep it light! —Lisa

flying heart ;-)

My Process

Start small cartoon photo

I doodle. I mull. I write. I’ve had a lifelong love of paper. Just ask my mom. Apparently, I left a lot of paper trails when I was a kid. I loved making paper snowflakes and hanging them from the ceiling! Thanks Mom! Give me paper and a pen, and I’m oh-so-happy. Unlike many artists … Read more

How did I become a cartoonist?

I wrestle gators in my spare time.

Believe it or not, being a cartoonist never crossed my mind until I was much older. In fact, before I ever thought about being a cartoonist, I had accidentally become one! I loved to draw from a very early age, but by the time I got to college, I had lost most of my artistic … Read more