“Life isn’t one long bridge, but a lifelong journey of crossing bridges.”

Lightheart Ava Lisa Maxey is an author, illustrator, and the creator of Lisa Lightheart Inspirational Gift Books for women. A Mississippi lady with a heart for beauty, gardens, books, nature, and travel, Lisa likes slow things and simple things. Best of all, she’s an encourager. We all have a spiritual journey, Lisa’s just happens to be recorded in cartoons! One day, in her quiet time with God, a little character named Lisa Lightheart appeared. This was the unexpected beginning of an amazing journey. Soon, she found herself exploring Lisa Lightheart’s wonder-filled world of whimsy and wisdom, and loving it!

If you love inspiration, you’ll find it in a Lisa Lightheart Inspirational Gift Book. Lisa is out to prove that it doesn’t take a lot of heavy, serious, complicated words to communicate profound, life-changing truths about life. Her simple, fresh, and lighthearted messages encourage readers for a moment and for a lifetime. Punchy, snappy text and whimsical, full color illustrations bring Lisa Lightheart’s heartfelt message to life!

Crossing Bridges is the first in a series of inspirational messages. Follow Lisa Lightheart, and you’ll soon discover why crossing bridges is one of life’s greatest adventures!

A message from the author:

Hello Lightheart!

I’m Ava Lisa Maxey. I draw cartoons. It’s how God speaks to me. It all started over ten years ago. I never set out to be a cartoonist, to create Lisa Lightheart, or to write inspirational gift books. It all kind of just happened in my quiet times with God. It’s changed my life. Every inspiration that springs up in my heart in happy words and pictures still amazes and amuses me every time! It’s fun and exciting to get to be the first person to laugh and learn from Lisa Lightheart’s unique view of the world! Following this little hoop-skirted and ponytailed character is one of my greatest joys. I believe Lisa Lightheart can make a difference in your life, too. And if this little book makes your heart lighter, please let me know. I’d love to connect with you.

Keep it light! –Lisa

flying heart ;-)

Why Bridges?

When God began speaking to me about bridges, I had no idea where that small beginning would take me. I was creating little pictures and captions, and following this character named Lisa Lightheart, but this was more than a passing creative whim. Something much bigger was happening. As she crossed her bridges, I was learning about the bridges in my own life. I soon discovered life isn’t one long bridge, but a lifelong journey of crossing bridges. I was so excited about what God was showing me that I started sharing my pictures with friends and family. One day a friend asked, “What are you going to do with these?” I replied, “I don’t know, it’s how God is speaking to me right now.”Fast forward about ten years and the bridges are still coming!

There’s something about bridges. Can you imagine a world without them? How would anyone get from here to there? It wouldn’t be easy! Bridges make a way. No journey is complete without them. We all need bridges. Bridges are those necessary in between places. Life is often realized and defined in those moments when you are not where you have been, and you are not where you are going. The simple truth is, if you want to live the bold, beautiful life you are meant to live, it’s going to take a lot of bridges!